CTL Electronics, Inc.



Time-Based Media Art Restoration

CTL Electronics repairs and refurbishes Time-Based Media artwork for museums, corporate and private collections around the world. We specialize in the restoration of any electronic or electro-mechanical based artwork and have worked with high profile clients worldwide. We have 50 years experience restoring and rebuilding vintage technology-based art work and equipment. In addition we perform research and partner with specialists worldwide to solve special technical problems related to any technology based artworks.

The staff at CTL Electronics has extensive experience working on all levels with Museums and private collections. We perform research related to works with partner specialists worldwide to solve technical problems related to any technology based artworks.

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Workshops and Seminars

CTL Electronics holds workshops for museum staff and individuals to gain knowledge of the technologies used in artworks with a specialized focus on how cathode ray tube based televisions work. We train in the acquisition of basic knowledge required for the maintenance and conservation of Time-Based Media art. 

Some topics covered in our workshops: How a cathode ray tube television works. Refurbishing and maintaining CRTs for longevity. Replacing and aligning the tube and circuit board of a CRT television. How to handle high voltage discharge of a CRT. The AC electric power ground problem. How to understand a schematic diagram. The use of an electric meter and signal generator.