CTL Electronics, Inc.


CTL Electronics Has Been Serving Video Professionals Since 1968

Chi-Tien Lui, the president of CTL Electronics, came to the U.S. as a 19 year-old electrician from Chungking, China. He continued his studies at a variety of institutions: the RCA Training Institute in New York; Utah State University in Logan, Utah; and the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He took several jobs in between, including a position as a technician on the computer fuel-tank system of the Apollo Space Program in Los Angeles. In 1968 he started CTL Electronics.

CTL Electronics pioneered some of the initial technology that ushered in the age of non-broadcast video. It was one of the first corporations to offer equipment and guidance to the new user of the new medium, including businesses, artists, and home enthusiasts. The industry has change vastly, of course, since its initial days, but CTL has been there every step of the way, participating in a wide spectrum of video uses and technologies.

VideoTools Archive

CTL VideoTools Catalog was first published in 1970 to spread information about the revolutionary new medium.
The Early Video Project is a collecton of early video books.

Chi-Tien Lui's father, Tsai-Kao Lui, was a ship's captain during his working career.

Captain Tsai-Kao Lui
Sept. 16, 1910 - Jan. 9, 2005
Captain's Photo Page

Choung-Lung Sun's father was a General in World War II.

General Sun Yuan-liang
1904 - May 25 2007
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